The Six-Stage Seller Approach  

At The Rivas Group, we understand that selling a property takes a detailed game plan to be as successful as possible.  Our clients’ goals are different and we really work hard to understand exactly what they want out of the sale of their home.
For some that could mean doing it faster and with the least amount of work required.  For others, they are ”planners” and contact us up to 12-24 months in advance looking to understand what they should update to maximize their home sale.  Regardless of timeframe, we have an extensive track record of helping those that are looking to move onto their next home and onto their next chapter of life.  No matter where you are in the real estate journey, we're here to help you reach your goals on your terms.  Here is our 6 Stage Approach for how we accomplish this:

6 Stage Seller Approach

1.  Planning and Preparation: The first phase of the process is preparing your property for sale.  What’s the current condition of your place? Are small cosmetic changes needed, some extensive repairs, or is it ready for showtime?  Be sure to view your home as if it were your first time seeing it from the point of view of a buyer.  This will help you determine what should be done in order to frame your property in the best light possible.  If repairs are needed, be sure to understand the cost vs. benefit of doing anything beyond a cosmetic change.  In some cases, it won’t be worth the time or money to re-do an entire room, for example. Also, if the home is your current residence, you will want to start making plans for where you will live after closing.  Your agent can be a great help to you in this area if you need it.

2.  Home Evaluation: Once you have decided to list, it’s time to start coming up with a pricing strategy.  Here your agent will guide you on pricing the home properly within your timeframe of moving.  Market conditions, past sales in the neighborhood and the property’s unique features will all be factored in.  Your agent can run property and market reports that will give you important insights.  This is key as it will give you a better sense of if your initial target price is matching how the market is trending. Armed with knowledge and expertise, you and your agent can arrive at a price that works for you that will attract the right buyers.

3.  Marketing & Prep: Once our agreement has been finalized, The Rivas Group’s full time back office starts the marketing process.  Our goal is simple - we want your home to stand out to the types of buyers that will be most interested in it.
Here is a little behind the scenes: We will schedule a professional photographer to capture the home’s best features.  A sales script will be written to outline the highlights of the property.  Your listing will be shared with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), top real estate websites, our 18K record client database and on social media.  If you would like, your agent can also hold an open house.  Additionally, we will send out physical mailers to announce your listing.  We want your home to be seen by as many eyes as possible to fetch you the best price.

4.  Negotiation: The negotiation phase is really where an experienced team stands apart from an average one.  We pride ourselves in delivering results for our clients in this regard. Our focus here is to drive the best deal that aligns with the goals we set from day one.  Once an offer is received, the negotiation phase begins. This is where you and the interested buyer will negotiate the terms of the sale including the price, contingencies, and closing date.  In this respect, your agent will be your advocate and act with your best interests in mind.

5.  Contract and Closing:  This phase includes inspections and appraisals.  Our back-office team will coordinate the transaction from soup to nuts to make it as easy as possible for you.  We can help with scheduling vendors as well as help you understand and complete all documents required for the transaction. Your agent can walk you through any negotiations for repair or credit requests made by the buyer.  Once the terms are agreed upon, a contract will be drafted and signed by both parties.  Again, this is where we do the heavy lifting for you and focus on making your life easier.

6.  Moving and Transition: This phase involves packing up and moving out of your old home. This can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but your real estate agent can help you navigate it.  We can coordinate your closing date with your move-in date so that you can close and move at the same time easily.  We can recommend moving companies we have worked with before and know to be reputable.  We can also help coordinate utility transfers and make sure you are all-around happy with the transaction.  We are with you until the very end!

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